Artist Statement

My attraction to satellite images began as an escapist desire. From my computer screen, I encountered otherworldly scenes that were expansive, free-floating, with no horizon. They were not separate from the viewer, framed, and longing to be entered. I saw these images as sections of a vast entity that was reaching out. I imagined floating down to meet it.

While looking at these images of earth, I found myself disoriented and began to search for human presence, perhaps as an anchor. In the terrain, I would identify a city, farmland, and mines. I also saw the results of that presence, massive clouds of smog, erosion, or glaciers that have receded. The act of identifying these things was like seeing them come into being, or seeing them cease to exist. I wanted to isolate those parts as if I could hold them in my hand.

Viewing the earth from above creates an odd sense of knowing. We are taken out of the picture to observe our home from a distance.Glass is the perfect material to portray this ineffable feeling. It has an ethereal beauty yet can be formed into shapes that evoke our own biology. It is visually fluid, seeming to be in the process of appearing or disappearing, yet it is tangible.

I consider my works to be landscape paintings that enter our own space. The work I make is primarily visual. A visual experience can change you. It brings awareness of your own perception, awakening dormant senses, and emotions. We are in the landscape and of the landscape, and yet we feel we are separate. We are groundless, in transition, and struggling to comprehend the world we know. 

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