Sculptural Performance

Material Iteration

Measured Reach
Mixed Media

Rings are gathered on fingers and slowly draw sleevesinward. Meanwhile tape measures emerge from buckets below as they are pulledupward by strings attached to the sleeves. Once all of the rings were gathereda quick and sudden release of the rings let loose a loud crash as the weightsdescended back into the buckets. 

Fused glass, programmable motor, light box, suitcase, string

Glass slowly lifts off of its glowing base and slowlydescend back down.

Hourglass Spine
Blown glass, rubber, fabric, and liquid.

Garden Sequence
Fabric, bamboo, wire, blown and hot sculpted glass, waxes.

Light flowed from the Fabric Rose window down through tubesand into the glass orbs, which hung inside light filled fabric baskets. The orbswere later transplanted into dishes hanging on the sidewalls. 

Blown glass, plastic tubing, fabric, wax

The vessel over my heart has a sack that contracts with mybreath allowing me to “feel” what is inside it with my breath.


Continuous Pull

A large circle of string with feathers on it is threadedthrough oddly shaped glass funnels.  


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