Large Sculpture

Cloud City II
4’x 8’x 4.5’
Mirror, blown glass, twigs, paint, fiber, talc, logs, steel

Vascular systems stretched until they unravel into separate universes

Benevolent Graft
4ft. x 4ft. x 5.5 ft.
Christmas tree, lichen covered branches, solid sculpted glass, PVC, brass, glue

8’x 8’ x 3’
Barnacle covered driftwood, mirrored blown glass, wood, steel,mirror, solder, flooring

Big Made of

15’x 19’x 2.5’
Swamp water and debris, plastic, foam, pump, hose, blown glass,carpet

The structure of Welcome is very similar to Perforation except for theaddition of a homemade filter system and a rug instead of a cushion.  When you first approach the domes inthe back resemble a city skyline with a field of green in front similar to theEmerald City in Wizard of OZ. As you walk around you can view the sewer/ filtersystem and make your way to the rug. There you can observe the domes moreclosely as the scale shifts to a more intimate level. 

4.5ft. x 5ft. x 2.5ft.
Pond water, duckweed,plastic, plywood, fabric, stuffing, blown glass
The tiny plant calledduckweed floats on the surface of water creating a pure plane of green. Blownglass domes suspend a cross section of the water by a vacuum inside. The domessit on small pillars so that the water inside can circulate. This is crucial becausethe duckweed provide a home for many aquatic creatures that move about underits cover. The red cushion provides a place to kneel and observe. 

Fish Highway 2004
43”x 26”x 56”
Blown glass, plastic tubing,plate glass, neon, aquarium plant, water, aquarium catfish
A large blown glassfishbowl with two spouts was fashioned with a long plastic tube. The catfishinside would periodically swim down the tube and sometimes rest there. Catfishare bottom feeders and in the wild will burrow down tunnels. 

Blowing Softly
3.5’x 3.5’ x 3.5’
Plate glass, plastic, blown glass, pond water, debris

Glass dish shapes float on the water’ssurface transforming it into a lens. 

9ft. x 9ft. x 9in.
Plastic, string, water

It Gives and Extracts
3ft x 4ft x 5ft
Blown glass, water pump,plastic tubing, steel, liquid

Water is pumped up from thelowest container when the weight of the top most container drops triggering thecycle to continue. 


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